She is the Waitrose answer to Sainsbury's Jamie Oliver but her seafood risotto used to promote the supermarket has proven to be unpalatable even to her fans.

According to The Mail, the Waitrose website has received many comments disapproving of her culinary offering calling it 'vile', 'nauseating' and 'repugnant'.

The smell of this ,which contained rather expensive ingredients made one cook bin the entire dish and but in a bin bag at the bottom of the garden due to the disgusting smell wafting from within.

Complaints were also received by the customer services department to voice their objection to the recipe and will come as a blow to the Waitrose  marketing campaign which is using Delia and Michelin starred chef Heston Blumenthal as their ambassadors for the supermarket.

A spokesperson for Waitrose has apologised to those who have not enjoyed the offending recipe.

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