So, you've decided that running an ice cream or frozen yogurt parlor is the business for you – what next?

If you've decided that ice cream or frozen yogurt is the business for you, you'll need to consider some design ideas for your new shop.

Many ice cream parlors are sort of nondescript with their decorative style, so if you take steps to achieve a unique design for your business, you'll be sure to attract a myriad of customers. The following tips and ideas can help you create a memorable setting for your ice cream parlor that stands apart from all the rest.

Ice Cream Dessert (PD)

Elbow Room

The only thing better than enjoying an ice cream cone on a hot day is sharing one with lots of friends. Ice cream parlors are celebration stations for the winning team, birthday parties, or family outings. Having plenty of space to accommodate large groups is ideal for any ice cream parlor or frozen yogurt shop. You'll need plenty of sturdy restaurant table bases and table tops that will complement your decorative scheme. When scouting out locations for your shop, you might want to choose an area near a park where children's sports games are held as well as one that can handle a crowd.

Glass Cases

Some ice cream shops are taking a minimalist approach and even hiding the ice cream in back or behind a counter. For shame! People–kids especially–eat with their eyes. It's always a good idea to feature those cases that contain the ice cream. Moreover, be sure to fill it with a great variety of flavors. A long counter that allows a considerable number of people to access is ideal for an ice cream shop.

Sprinkle Station

While a sprinkle and topping station can be messy, it's also a draw for kids who like to make their own sundaes. An interactive element is always welcome even if you opt to only offer soda fountain drinks at a do-it-yourself station. The more toppings you can offer, however, the better as people enjoy customizing their ice cream and frozen yogurt treats.

Distinctive Theme

By personalizing your décor, you can make your shop stand out from all the others in town. Consider employing a theme for your shop like an Arctic wonderland, the North Pole, a vintage soda fountain, or simply a fun color scheme that makes your shop a one-of-a-kind. You might employ a mascot as a fun way to complement your decorative plans; consider Jack Frost, the Snow Queen, penguins, polar bears, or snowmen. Of course, you don't have to marry an idea that suggests "cold." You can simply feature a fun decorative theme like a big top circus tent, fairy tales, or even an Old West ice cream saloon.

Be sure to visit lots of ice cream parlors before settling on your design. You can learn a lot about what works and what doesn't when you get out in the field, so to speak. With these tips in mind, you can design an attractive setting that creates a memorable and positive impression on your customers.

By Marquis Fore

Marquis has firsthand experience of retail design planning and enjoys being able to share his insights with an online audience. He is a frequent contributor on a number of relevant websites.

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