The 24 year old dancer has become very close to Cheryl since her split with Ashley Cole and many are asking if there is more to this relationship than just platonic friendship.

Hough has apparently been visiting Cheryl at the hotel she is staying at in Los Angeles but there is no evidence that this is anything more than a very nice young man being a perfect gentleman and coming to the aid of a friend who happens to be a member of the opposite sex.

But Derek is a very lucky chap, after all he also gets to spend time with Nicole Scherzinger who is his dancing partner on Dancing With Stars then goes to hang out with Cheryl Cole.

If he is in a relationship with Cheryl then you cannot blame either of them. He is a good looking gentleman and she is an English Rose.

Cheryl is finding the US is becoming her new home and has thrown herself into recording and work in the states. Close friend and fellow Xfactor Judge, Simon Cowell is close at hand which is good for her at a time when distance from the UK is probably a good idea.

It would not come as a surprise if she quit her position in Girls Aloud and focused on her new life and career in America and put Ashley and the bad memories that accompany her life with him firmly behind her.

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