Dermot Murnaghan and Andrew Marr have both been caught in two separate incidences on camera kissing women who are not their wives.

53 year old Marr, who has previously admitted to having an affair with a journalist, was spotted leaving the family home with a suitcase denying that he had been given his marching orders by his wife, Jackie Ashley, after photographs of him kissing a colleague (with his hand inside her trousers around the buttocks area) hit the papers and internet.

Andrew has apologised and said he is profoundly sorry for the incident, which he regrets and says that there is no affair going on and put the incident down to a "Drunken Clinch".

But Dermot Murnaghan may not be able to explain his behaviour to his wife, Maria Keegan quite so easily.

54 year old Murnaghan and his make-up artist, Camilla Tew, were photographed kissing, holding hands and just being what appeared to being rather loved-up on a date in Hyde Park, London.

A bit of an embarrassing day for the newsreaders and possibly the symptoms of mid-life crisis combined with a sense of invulnerability from being such high profile public figures maybe? Or just another sign that the sacred bond of matrimony is not as sacred as it used to be?

But then again, who are we we to judge?

Diafragma by Jorge Barrios

Diafragma by Jorge Barrios

Image by Jorge Barrios (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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