It looks increasingly likely that  Destiny's Child will reunite on stage on Sunday at Beyonce's Glastonbury headlining performance.

Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams may very well end up  joining Beyonce Knowles on the pyramid stage amid rumours that the  band are about to get back together to replicate their previous success which saw them sell over 60 million records across the globe.

According to The Mirror, Rowland and Williams will be meeting up with Knowles backstage at the Glastonbury festival and,at the request of Beyonce, they have been granted access to all areas with passes and accommodation for the Sunday night.

The meeting may very well result in a performance at the end of Beyonce's set with a possible medley of their hits but nothing is as yet confirmed.

The rumours circulating the media over concerns about the projected sales of Beyonce's new album may be a deciding factor in the Destiny's Child reunion.

Apparently there are not enough strong singles on Beyonce's new album to achieve her prior solo success.

Kelly Rowland has enjoyed brief success herself with her solo career but Michelle Williams has struggled to carve her way as a solo artist.

Both Kelly and Michelle have been eclipsed by Beyonce's solo career so the validity  of a more serious and commercial Destiny's Child reunion may hinge on Beyonce's album sales in the next 12 months.

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