Southampton Docks by Geni (GFDL and CC)

Southampton Docks by Geni (GFDL and CC)


As Theresa May and Angela Merkel meet in Berlin to discuss this crucial Brexit phase, Downing Street issued some details of the new customs proposals.

While the German Chancellor (for now) Angela Merkel told the UK Prime Minister that a political structure for future UK/EU relations needed to be sorted by October, some of the details of the new third way proposed customs arrangement were being set out by Number Ten.

Basically, the solution would be technology based, with the UK free to set its own trade deals and tariffs, but any products passing through the UK on their way to the EU would have EU tariffs applied and that money would then be passed on to the EU.

The system will be ready and partially available by 2020 but not fully operational until the next planned general election in 2022 reports the BBC.

There are unconfirmed reports that David Davis has already said that this plan is unworkable, but one source told the BBC that the PM and the Brexit Secretary were working closely on what will be presented to cabinet at Chequers tomorrow.

And, as that crunch Chequers Brexit Bodybag Summit approaches, we suddenly see a lot of business doom and gloom being bandied about on the interweb and mainstream media, as Remain backers see yet another opportunity to try and force a soft or non-existent Brexit on us by convincing our ministers they have to cave in to the softest of all Brexit.

Now – if you remember, this is the same sort of thing, delivered in the same heartfelt sort of way that we saw when these same sort of people wanted us in the Euro and also wanted a Remain vote in the run up to the EU Referendum. So I'm wondering why these people don't maybe think that we're entitled to look at this and view it as yet another cry of wolf!

Anyway, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has issued its Economic Well-Being Assessment for the first quarter of 2018 and says that:

GDP per head increased by half a percent compared to quarter one last year.

Economic Well-Being Q1 2018

Net national disposable income per head fell by 0.3 percent compared to quarter one last year but increased by 0.6 percent compared to the final quarter of 2017.

Real Household Disposable Income per head increased by 1.4 percent compared to quarter one 2017.

There are some mixed results here but overall looking at the trend graph since Q1 2008, it doesn't look too bad. And many of the indicators are above those of a few years ago, despite the recent fall in the Real Household Disposable Income per head index.

Now, do you remember all that furore over demands to see those Brexit impact statements?

We had Remain MPs and Lords queueing up to say how vital it was for them to see those highly important assessments.

Well, the Guardian reports today that according to a Freedom of Information request, only six percent of the 1,450 parliamentarians has bothered to take a look at them.

So, there were only 89 visits by just 83 of all our politicians to the restricted reading room where the documents have sat since December 2017, gathering dust.

After all the heat and wasted time, it transpires that they weren't interested anyway. So it was, in fact, all just political posturing by Remoaners!

Now to Trump. According to talkRadio the Greater London Authority is either about to give, or has given, protesters permission to fly a Trump angry baby blimp over London during the visit of the US president to the UK. Nationally embarrassing, but predictable.

According to Brietbart, a George Soros backed Non-Governmental Organisation called Citizens UK, has launched a campaign to urge the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, to extend the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (VPRS) in the UK beyond 2020 as a decision on its future is pending.

But as the war in Syria is now coming to an end what can the justification for this be, other than turning it into a permanent route for economic migration?

Surely this is the time to start planning to help them return safely and rebuild their country, not take their people and leave the country in ruins – oh but I forgot the 'wrong' person is winning in Syria, isn't he!

And inevitably out will come the red card of Waycist should anyone even hint that this route not be left open and ever expanding for all time.

Finally, in good news for internet freedoms, the EU Copyright Directive, which contains the Article 11 'paying for linking to news sources' and the Article 13 requirement for all uploaded material to be checked for copyright infringement prior to publication, has hit the buffers in the European Parliament, despite being voted through earlier by an EU parliament committee.

The proposal was voted down in plenary by a majority of 318 MEPs to 278 with 21 abstentions.

One of the main campaigners against the copyright law proposal, German MEP Julia Reda, Tweeted out:

"Great success: Your protests have worked! The European Parliament has sent the copyright law back to the drawing board."

But many musicians and creators are not so pleased, as they feel they are currently being cheated out of income and they saw this as a way of getting properly paid for their work. But you have to wonder if these new requirements would not have just frozen the Internet up, with people finding they couldn't upload content due to tripping over badly set up algorithms that can't distinguish between copyright infringement and fair use under the current law.

But the Copyright Law proposal is not yet dead. What it means, is that debate going forward will be held in public and the Directive will be re-worked in the meantime and looked at again in September.

Let's see what the re-write looks like. Different words but similar intended outcome maybe?

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