Daily Brexit Update: Thursday 2nd August

According to a new report, Devon has Googled about Brexit more than anywhere else in the country.

And the most Googled term is: 'What is Brexit'?.

devonlive.com reports:

"Exclusive data provided by Google reveals that between the 23 and the 29 of July Chagford searched for Brexit more than any other UK community."

Behind them came Cambridge, Wembley and Eastbourne says the report.

Now to the real costs of the EU.

The real costs here, are not of Brexit but of Remaining in the EU. Brexit will bring economic benefits but staying in the European Union will keep costing this country more:

The Remoaners are now worried, it seems, that the EU might just give Theresa May a face saving deal that could derail the anti-Brexiteers demands for a second EU referendum! But the Germans have denied it.

"A vague deal on future relations is more likely to be acceptable to May’s MPs, and harder for the Labour party to oppose." Says the Guardian.

But now we have another term to deal with – the 'Blind Brexit'.

Here is someone saying what many in the UK may feel, they voted to leave, they have absolutely no Bregrets, the bully boys and girls of the EU have reinforced their Brexiteer stance but feel that the political classes will ensure we stay firmly wedded to the EU anyway!

Brexit must happen, says the Austrian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Karin Kneissl (video):

While Liam Fox, the UK International Trade Secretary, talks trade in Japan:

And don't listen to those Brexit polls just yet says Stephen Bush in the New Statesman, let's wait for some rolling averages.

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