The most important thing in the news today is not Ireland's impending economic collapse or the spending cuts, today's most important news is Cheryl Cole may have farted on live television.

A couple of YouTube videos are circulating of Cheryl's proposed windy release during Saturday's episode of the Karaoke show X Factor.  With combined viewings reaching into the hundreds of thousands to date it looks like the show has hit an all time high.

If there was ever an example of the idiocracy sweeping this nation then this is it but like all good slapstick cheap humour it does have a certain appeal and I am the first to put my hand up to say I found it mildly amusing and think there is a definite case for supposing Cheryl Cold did indeed let one off.

The question is, was it a planned piece of performance flatulence? Or was it accidental?

Either way it was more in tune than her singing and by the sound of it had more substance than her music.

Another famous wielder of wind was Hillary Clinton back in Feb 2008 during a live TV debate with other panellists including the now president Barack Obama.

But the ultimate master of performance flatulence is of course the celebrated Paris performer 'Le Petomane', depicted so well here by the much loved and missed Leonard Rossiter.

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