Police are investigating claims that Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik planned his attacks in the UK with assistance from British right wing extremists.

Breivik claimed to be a modern day successor to the ancient Knights Templar, who are historically accredited as the protectors of Christian pilgrims en route to the Holy Land.

Versions of the modern day Knights Templar fraternity still exists today but work in a charitable context with secret codes and symbols very much like the Freemasons who Anders has also had an affiliation with but membership of either of these organisations by Anders has yet to be established.

In his sick 1,500 page manifesto which he signed under his English translated name 'Andrew Berwick'  Anders mentions a mentor named 'Richard' who is believed to be of British origin.

It is uncertain whether or not this Richard was one of the two English extremists instrumental in his recruitment to an extremist right wing organisation which Anders says he joined in London.

Anders also makes reference in said manifesto to the English Defence League who he said he was in communication with, however the EDL have distanced themselves from the terrorist attacks in Norway.

Only the police investigations into possible involvement in the Norwegian attacks by the Knights Templar, EDL and the Freemasons can clear the names of these organisations.

It is more than probable that Anders has no real affiliation with these organisations and is a fantasist as well as a fanaticist  but every lead in this investigation should be followed up, especially when the perpetrator of these attacks says that there are 80 other individuals across Europe ready to carry out similar attacks.

What I find interesting is the fact that the normal course of action for the UK and America in circumstances like this is to attack and bomb areas where known supporters of terrorists are believed to be hiding.

Does that mean Norway has the right to bomb offices in areas of London where right wing extremists or secret fraternities are thought to congregate?

No but that is the whole point……Anders Behring Breivik may have actually helped the cause of Islamic extremists by creating sympathy for their host countries because we are now potentially a host country.

Should freedoms of expression be compromised because of the actions of one man who has an interest in them? Probably not, but if the individual in question is a member and has been in direct contact with organisations  which he cites as inspiration before committing a terrorist attack of the magnitude seen in Norway, then an investigation into the organisation's involvement is not unreasonable regardless of their ethical codes.

It only takes a small faction of extremists who are part of a legitimate and harmless organisation to taint the reputation of the organisation regardless of your opinion of them.

Will the Duke of Kent (who is the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England) find a drone launched Hellfire missile heading his way at a masonic lodge meeting because Breivik may have been a member of the Freemasons?

OK that last part was tongue on cheek but I think you get the idea…..

Should basic human rights and freedom of expression be stayed for a supposed war on terror?

Never….that would be giving into the demands of terrorists.

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