Gary Coleman has died after suffering a brain injury in his home in Utah which caused a brain haemorrhage and resulted in his wife having to make the difficult decision to turn off the life support machine.

The 4 foot 8 inches tall actor had suffered from health problems leading up to his death and required regular kidney dialysis as well as having two kidney transplants in his childhood and early teens.

He will always be remembered for his larger than life role as Arnold Jackson in US Sitcom Diff'rent Strokes and his famous catch phrase "what you talkin bout Willis?" is probably one of the most memorable to anyone who grew up with the Drummond family from the early seventies and early eighties.

This was the third hospitalisation this year for Gary who had numerous seizures in January and February and it is these seizures that many speculate could have lead to his fatal fall that caused the ensuing brain haemorrhage.

The actor's wife Shannon Price, friends and other family were there by his side at the end and he is said to have passed away peacefully.

Forget the negative speculation about his temper (how many people could deal with the hand he was dealt without flying off the handle once in a while) we all have our bad sides and none of us are angels so lets be thankful for the joy and laughter he brought into our homes for so many years.

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