Digital marketing has already changed the advertising and marketing industries forever, and it's showing no signs of stopping in 2014. Still in full swing, the digital marketing revolution has opened marketers' eyes to the way consumers use technology. Though some traditional agencies may see digital marketing as a 'fad', it is really anything but; if digital marketing is embraced and employed correctly, it offers a unique way for companies to reach out to their audiences in a way that benefits the customer just as much as it does the company.

Keyboard-1 (c) The Economic VoiceThe growing trends in digital marketing are towards mobile and social technologies, both of which will be enjoying more time in the spotlight in 2014. SEO and PPC marketing agencies will also be paying close attention to Google's ever-changing search algorithms; the company's controversial decision to encrypt search queries is keeping digital marketing agencies on their toes already, as it seems like a smarter use of keywords is required.

Of course, one thing we can't help but have noticed is that mobile devices are becoming more and more popular every year; well over half of UK adults now own a smartphone, and that number is growing rapidly with every month that passes. Tablet ownership is also taking off steadily, and in 2014 we can expect to see more digital marketers making the most of this demographic; in-app advertisements are a fantastic way to market messages to a targeted audience, and more and more web adverts are being designed for mobile web browsing.

Social marketing is, of course, one of the most unique and exciting ways in which we can now market messages and products to consumers. Imagine telling the Don Drapers and Roger Sterlings of the 60s, 70s, and even the 80s that one day our marketing messages will be made directly to customers in one-to-one conversations? That we can now tailor our customer service to each and every customer we serve, and that our customers can tell us how to build a brand that they like just as well as marketing experts can?

Social marketing is changing everything, and it's set to get bigger in 2014. Perhaps one of the reasons why social media marketing has caused such a storm throughout the industry is the fact that it has made marketing a two-way process. Customers can now engage with brands on a personal level, and can affect a company's direction by voicing concerns or problems on websites like Facebook and Twitter. Not only does this mean that our customers feel that they are valued for their opinions and not just their money, but it also offers a fantastic source of free feedback for any company looking to improve itself and its brand in a natural way.

Digital marketing is really only in its infancy, and in 2014 we are sure to see some exciting and interesting new developments as digital marketing agencies become both more savvy and more adventurous in the way they connect with customers.

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