The Modern Approach to Direct Mail Marketing

When email became ubiquitous, many marketing experts predicted that the demise of direct mail would soon follow. That has not happened, and many companies that initially abandoned direct mail marketing efforts are rethinking their decision and once again embracing this tried and true strategy.

These days most businesses include some form of direct mail marketing in their brand building efforts. They know how valuable this advertising staple really is, and they work hard to incorporate mailers, catalogs and flyers into their marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, many of those companies are not making the most of their direct marketing efforts. Many businesses are still using the old direct mail approach, and that approach is no longer suited for a modern world. Successful direct mail marketing in the 21st century is more than just envelope printing and flashy catalogs. If you are using the old line approach to direct mail, you might want to rethink your strategy and redouble your efforts.

Letter Box By Keith Evans (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

Make Things Personal

In the old days it was hard to personalize direct mail marketing messages, and as a result many companies did not do so. These days, however, it is extremely easy to include a personal appeal on every postcard, catalog or flyer you send.

Email marketers understand the value of personalization, and that value holds for direct mail marketing as well. Calling your customers by name, offering perks just for them and other personalization strategies can enhance the value of your advertising campaigns, improve your response rates and help you build your brand more effectively.

Get a Jump on the Competition

As a business owner, you know who your biggest competitors are, and you work hard to beat the competition every single day. You can use direct mail marketing to trumpet your successes and get a jump on the competition.

Showing a head to head comparison with your biggest competitors is one of the best ways to point out the advantages of your product and show how and why they are better. No matter what the product, customers want to know what is in it for them – giving them that information is one of the best ways to seal the deal and use direct mail marketing to its greatest advantage.

Include Testimonials from Real Customers

The value of testimonials has long been studied by marketing professionals, and many businesspeople are experts at using these personal stories to their advantage. The large format and personalized nature of modern direct mail marketing gives you the perfect opportunity to share testimonials, so feel free to include them in every advertising campaign.

It is important that those testimonials be real and genuine. Customers know when they are being lied to, so always be honest. If you have a great product, you probably have plenty of great testimonials and glowing reviews you can use.

Direct mail marketing is not dead, but it is changing rapidly. Keeping up with those changes and making the most of every part of your advertising strategy is still the best way succeed. If your company currently uses direct mail marketing, now is the perfect time evaluate your results and make changes. If not, it is time to rethink direct mail and include it in your advertising toolkit.

By Patricia Davies

Patricia has plenty of experience in the field of marketing and likes to share her ideas and insights on subjects like direct mail strategies with an online audience. She is a regular contributor for a range of business and marketing websites.

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