It was a dreary Sunday evening and my I decide to pay a visit to the local video rental store with the intention of procuring a family orientated Blu-ray from said shop to enjoy with my family after Sunday lunch with a bottle of something red and not too nasty.

After much deliberation I decide that Orcs and Goblins must take a back seat because the children might enjoy a film aimed at someone under the age of 30.

So I humbly put my personal preferences aside and decide that it is time to watch a film where there are no fire breathing dragons, Anti-Christs, invading aliens, dramas relating to 30 something professionals romantic comedies or anything with Bill Nighy in.

Yes I go to the children's section and look for something that I can watch in an animated format which is about as close as I get to being a selfless father.

After a quick detour to the violent Japanese cartoon section I eventually return to the children's section and spot Disney's  'Up' and after spotting a grumpy old  Walter Matthau looking character I decide that this was the film for me…….and my children of course.

We sit down as a family to watch the film and immediately you can see this is going to be a great bit of entertainment but after just a few minutes into the film something terrible happens.

We all burst into tears.

The opening of the film is so moving that it would melt the heart of a gargoyle with an unmeltable heart. I will not give anymore away on that matter but it is very sad.

Anyway in a nutshell this is the film. A young boy grows up and eventually grows old, he then meets a young lad who reminds him of himself at that age and goes on an adventure with him by accident. The film has a sort of happy ending and that's it.

But its visually beautiful and a very very moving film that will make you have a little think about life and how precious it is.

All in all its great family fun and I recommend you get it out if your looking for 'THAT' family film on a dreary Sunday after lunch to help wash down 'THAT' bottle of wine with the children at your feet in front of a the fire.

If your single with no children then just stick to the wine and forget the rest.

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