BBC America have aired the first trailer for the second part of this year’s Doctor Who season with a teaser that promises enough twists, turns and running away from monsters to match last spring’s opening segment.

The trailer consists of a montage of footage from the forthcoming conclusion to the current series and also gives the first glimpse from the highly anticipated and impressively titled escapade, Let’s Kill Hitler.

Nazis, Cybermen, The Silence all threaten to endanger the aforementioned Time Lord and his companions whilst there is also a welcome return for the Weeping Angels.

Elsewhere, the sinister surroundings of an abandoned hotel lobby and its dark corridors inhabited by a manic depressive clown promises to bring us an adventure perhaps infused with some Stephen King style horror and suspense.

Also thrown into the mix is an episode with the Doctor’s companion Amelia Pond (Karen Gillan) seemingly lost in a Lewis Carroll Wonderland, a teaser poster featuring an ancient pyramid as a backdrop, time adventurer and love interest River Song (Alex Kingston) sporting a familiar eye patch and moments where even the Doctor (Matt Smith) contemplates his own demise.

One thing is certain, head scribe Steven Moffat will no doubt continue to tease his audience with the occasional cryptic clue in relation to the show’s current story arc whilst the fan base continues debating an adventure that has already provided several revelations and cliff hangers by the time of it’s mid season hiatus.

Doctor Who: Series Six Part Two commences on BBC America on 27th August whilst the UK air date is yet to be confirmed.

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