At a time when we need the best of British talent to give some hope to our country that politicians have failed with an economy that's limping around like a wounded animal, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and the rest of the team bring the country just what the Doctor ordered.

I am sorry but this episode was everything you could wish for in quality British family entertainment.

Where else would you get Winston Churchill, Spitfires in space and a Scottish android? not since the classic World War II films like 'The Battle of Britain' have I seen that Churchillian spirit captured so well.

This is a credit to all involved but a special tilt of the bowler hat towards writer Mark Gatiss with what is arguably one of his personal finest hours whilst evoking our nation's finest hour.

And let us not forget the superb director Andrew Gunn who put vision into this momentous piece of television.

The episode gave us the one thing that every Doctor Who fan must have at least once a series and that is jolly good fight with the Daleks.

And armed with a Jammy Dodger the doctor did just that.

Yes they are back and with a bit of racial supremacy thrown in, the new Daleks are bigger and badder than ever before and were actually a little scary even to a 37 year old Doctor Who fan who has become desensitised over the years to the traditional Dalek form.

Amy Pond will probably turn out to be one of the best assistants to the Doctor and this is again down to some excellent script writing but also Karen Gillan who is proving to be quite an actress.

In Victory of the Daleks it is Amy who manages to save the earth with her humanity as the clock ticks against mankind, which is something the Doctor struggled with because ultimately he is not human and it is this polarization that I feel Steven Moffat will play around with to great affect over the next few episodes.

But at the end of this article there is one person who I have deliberately not mentioned in any depth and that is the Doctor himself played by Matt Smith.

I had high hopes for Matt as soon as it was announced that he would play the iconic role but I had no idea how incredible he would be.

He may be a young actor but there is so much depth and talent lurking inside that young man that his portrayal of the Doctor is one of the most convincing I have ever seen.

If the quality is maintained over the this and subsequent series then Matt Smith and the creators of this show will have launched the greatest Doctor Who of all time surpassing the hallowed Tom Baker halcyon days (even though I preferred Peter Davison and Christopher Eccleston in the role).

Never in the field of Sci-Fi and family entertainment has so much been owed to so few by so many.

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