Madonna has apparently been spotted out and about in a New York nightclub with Brahim Rachiki who is her 33 year old choreographer and there are rumours in the press that they actually kissed.

Jesus Luz (Her 24 year old Brazilian boyfriend) might not be too happy about this news and who cares?

There may be many women out there who are envious of  52 year old Madonna and her ability to pull younger men but in the real world without her celebrity status and music achievements, is Madonna is just a woman who aged rather well and that's all?

And why all the fuss? And why are all these young whipper snappers so interested in the vein covered, sinewy muscle granny?

Well yes she does look pretty good with the right make-up and photo-shop intervention for a lady of her age and I am sure she has some kind of allure that goes with status but beyond that it's fame and fortune.

Go out with Madonna and you can start branding, selling kiss and tells and work that to your own ends.

So what does Madonna get out of it?

Well she looks younger than she is in the eyes of the public if she has some fit young gent young enough to be her genetic grandson on her arm. This will broaden her appeal to the next generation of fans who can then go and download their Madonna songs off the net from the comfort of their home.

Hats off to Madonna she knows how to play the system and even if her music is a little contrived at least she works that stage and is a great entertainer.

So floweth the river of success from Madonna onto those who are connected to her.

Everyone's a winner.

Except anyone with half a brain who really could not care less who Madonna goes out with.

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