You’d be surprised at how rejigging your office can send employee productivity through the roof. A working environment really has an impact on your employees. To boost productivity, your staff’s mental and physical health should be your top priority. A few changes can save you massive costs in the long run.

Take Care Of Your Employees

If you have the budget to facilitate lunchtime exercise or even desk bikes, this is a great way to encourage your staff to stay physically fit. Many companies even install their own gyms or meditation rooms. If your business has its own food area, encourage healthy eating around the office (but make it taste good).

Install unique, company-orientated facilities and win the hearts of your employees. If they have an enjoyable environment to work in, they’re less likely to run into the arms of your competitors.

Natural Light

Office (PD)Where possible, place desks in front of windows. Natural light makes a massive difference to staff happiness. Nobody wants to work in an office that feels like a box/prison. Make sure the whole building is well-lit at all times!

Desk Comfort

Ergonomics are so important; otherwise, your employees will complain of aches and strains. Make sure you invest money into finding really comfortable furniture – (while the office change is taking place, ask an office refurbishment company who are undertaking the transition to give their feedback, because many sell their own furniture). Take the time to show your employees how to set up their desks and purchase any accessories that will aid them, such as wrist rests or screen stands.

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