The argument for or against regulated online gaming has long been a source of healthy debate. Opponents are worried about the ill-effects of underage gaming and perhaps even problem gaming, while proponents are quick to point out the massive economic benefits of this fun-filled pastime.

For starters, regulated online gaming provides government with licensing and operations fees, and it provides a healthy source of online gaming tax revenue.

The global online casino scene is worth billions of dollars and every market that accepts regulated gaming activity gets to enjoy tax revenues, which can then be ploughed back in to the economy.


Tax Revenues for Government Coffers

Contrary to belief, there are many economic incentives for both players and governments with online gaming.

Players love casino games online since they provide far better payout rates than land-based casinos. Further, the dramatically reduced costs of playing online casino games means that players get to enjoy higher returns too. Bigger bonuses and better promotions are readily available – much to the satisfaction of players.

Since governments enjoy tax benefits from online gaming activity they are able to provide better services at state and local level. Tax revenues are also increasingly being used to educate the public about responsible gaming conduct.

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