Dominic Grieve by Steve Punter (CC-BY-2.0)

Dominic Grieve by Steve Punter (CC-BY-2.0)

Conservative MP Dominic Grieve has warned that his fellow Tory MPs will bring a Boris Johnson government down should he become Prime Minister and embark on a no deal Brexit.


The former Attorney General and Remainer Tory MP, Dominic Grieve has warned Boris Johnson that he will not survive as Prime Minister, if he goes down the route of a WTO Brexit.

"If the new prime minister announces a magical mystery tour towards a 31st of October crash out, I don’t think that prime minister is going to survive very long," he told BBC Radio 4.

And he predicted that a 'large number' of his Tory colleagues might even vote with the opposition against Boris in a vote of no confidence.

He also said that any claim by candidates that they could take the country out of the EU without a deal were unrealistic, as there was no majority for it in parliament.

"If a prime minister insists," said Grieve, "that they are going to crash us out of the European Union on October the 31st with no deal, then I'm pretty sure that there are a large number of Conservative MPs who will object to that happening and who will do everything possible to prevent it happening. I think the numbers are quite substantial."

He also said that a vote of no confidence would not automatically lead to a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour administration, as they would have 14 days to sort out a new leader and government, so it could end up being yet another Tory PM.

But there is the route, he said, of Boris going to the country in a General Election so as to get a mandate but that would, he added, be catastrophic for the whole party.

And you can guess which of the Tory MPs will be front and centre of any anti-Brexit actions, can't you?

But Boris Johnson has just laid out his stall to great applause at the West Midlands leadership hustings saying:

"We must get Brexit done. And as someone who campaigned for Brexit, who believes in Brexit, someone who has meditated deeply on the opportunities that Brexit could bring our country, I am the right man now to unleash on that project."

And he went on to say that he is utterly convinced that with the right energy and the right commitment common sense will prevail …

"But just in case it does not," he said, "we must prepare to come out anyway. And we must be able to come out on WTO terms, so that for the first time in these negotiations we carry conviction."

And he said that it is precisely because the country would, under his leadership, be preparing for a no deal exit from the EU from now until the 31st of October that we would get the deal we need.

So, it seems we leave on the 31st of October, deal or no deal, with Boris as PM, because he says we will be ready for deal or no deal.

And that, of course, is what the whole establishment machine should have been geared up for and working towards from the 24th June 2016.

And, if Brexit is not delivered by the 31st of October, then the Tories will be toast, but so will just about any Tory MP who thwarts or who attempts to thwart Brexit by voting against a no deal or against the government in a no confidence vote.

Dominic Grieve will be well aware of all this, even while he continues to put EU membership ahead of true democracy, the country and his own party.

Now, I just have to finish with a Tweet from the former UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom regarding the police being called to the residence of Boris Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds last night after sounds of shouting and crashing emanated from their flat.

But it turns out someone recorded the event and then gave it to the Guardian newspaper for some reason, which does seem strange to me – creepy even, but there you go.

However, the indomitable Godfrey Bloom Tweeted:

"Mrs. B & I have a booze driven domestic once a fortnight. I wish our next door neighbour would record it because we can never remember what it was about."


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