Times reporter Dominic Kennedy has been ejected by some disgruntled members of the BNP at their un-extraordinary general meeting in a rather rough manner, which Nick Griffin apparently believes is down to the BNP not being a 'soft' on political correctness.

If you're under the illusion that the BNP were ever 'soft' on political correctness then you have probably spent most of your life on a sustained diet of Nazi propaganda and tend to goose-step at line dancing competitions out of habit.

Did anyone in the BNP actually think this would be a good PR exercise? Probably, but given the genetic specimens that adorn the ranks of the BNP you can see why.

If Hitler could see the genetic stock that the BNP is comprised of he would call for an immediate extermination of most of their supporters, they are hardly Nietzsche's supermen, not even supergran.

All this on the day that the BNP decide to change their political stance and invite non-whites to join their party (as long as they carry carry the trays, serve the drinks and say "Yes Massa".

Is this what the BNP would like you or I to believe a legitimate political party behaves like? The image of Dominic's nose being twisted upon ejection is one that I won't forget, nor will anyone else in the public who saw those scenes in the media. So why did they remove Dominic in such an aggressive way?

Well apparently BNP London Assembly Member Richard Barnbrook, who is according to Labour MP Denis MacShane their and law and order spokesman (you couldn't make this up), took umbrage to an article written by Dominic Kennedy about Mr Barnbrook.

Now, if a law and order spokesman thinks that this sort of man handling is acceptable behavior, then we really do have something to worry about should the influence of this man and his party be allowed to extend to our judicial system.

I am sure non-whites will be queueing around the block to join the BNP with such a warm welcome awaiting them.

The sad thing is that Labour has embarked on an immigration policy that has a debalanced  multi-cultural Britain at is heart with no regard of the impact of mass immigration and its assimilation into the existing British culture.

So where does the man in the street run to other than straight into the arms of the BNP?

And who else is willing to tackle the problem of an immigration policy that has lead to huge influxes of foreigners that exceeds the infrastructural capabilities of Britain?

Well whichever party decides to tackle the problem, let's hope they take some votes away from the thugs in the BNP who use the jackboots to carve their vision of Britain out of the justified fears of honest and good people of ALL creeds and colours.

If you think this article contains anti-white/racist comments then you really are in need of a full cerebral transplant and to take offense and express anger at such comments would be seen as demonstrating overly politically correct behavior without good reason.

Being politically correct is not something the BNP are 'soft' on of course old boy.

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