Judge Sean Morris, the Recorder of Lincoln, has warned any Romanian criminals planning to enter the UK in order to pursue their illicit activity not to come here reports the Telegraph.

He says that he will lock up any of them caught engaging in criminal activity until the Romanian authorities furnish him with details of any past crimes. And, as this procedure currently takes several months, many of them could end up languishing behind bars for a long time.

The Telegraph cites the case of 28 year old Nicoleta Bala, a Roma gang member who was engaged in the distraction theft of two elderly male victims who have passed away during the delays to get the relevant information from Romania. Bala even managed to get out of the country and return to be rearrested in the interim.

It seems that these delays are unique to Romania with other Baltic states able to react to requests for information very quickly.

Judge Morris appears to be quite rightly frustrated at this situation. It delays justice and may even thwart it in the future, it places a strain on our court system as well as tying up the limited gaol space. Then there’s the added expense of course.

Lady Justice by Lonpicman

Lady Justice by Lonpicman

The judge points his fingers directly at the politicians for this unsatisfactory situation saying that ‘…the borders are like a sieve’.

One awaits the calls that holding these people, for what would seem an uncertain and lengthy period that may turn out to be longer than any sentence imposed, is against their human rights.

Whilst the UK needs good people to come and work here we should surely not be expected to take the rough with the smooth without question. Or is that the price we must expect to pay if we are to rob other countries of their best people for our own economic benefit and to the detriment of theirs?

But however you view this there’s one certainty; more grist for the UKIP mill.

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