Remember the Geert Wilders saga? All gone quiet now but it should not be forgotten. Not because of what he said or his film, but for the way the UK authorities handled it.

There are three sides to this:

1. Extremist Islamists.

2. People like Geert Wilders.

3. Ordinary moderate people whatever their beliefs.

I’ve watched Fitna and some video responses from moderate muslims, all of which can be found on You Tube. I suggest people watch them.

What occurs to me is that both extremists and Geert Wilders have seriously misquoted the Koran for their own ends. Both sides are as bad as the other!

The extremists misquote the Koran so as to garner violent support for their own political aims.

Geert Wilders and people like him misquote the Koran so as to foster hate against all muslims for their own political aims.

Both sides are obnoxious vermin. Both consistently try to mislead.

The major problem I have with all this is that the UK government allows violent extremists to openly air their views and calls for violence, but then ejects a (so far as I know) non-violent elected member of the EU from our shores.

Why not let three films be shown in the House of Lords? One extremist video (MI5 can supply I'm sure), the Fitna video and a refutation from a moderate source. Then I think we would get a really balanced view.

But as usual the government have missed the chance and added unwanted fuel to the fire. The losers are, as always, the ordinary moderate people who are treated like children and have more control imposed upon them.

Go figure.

Author Au Contraire

originally posted 10/03/2009

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