A few days after we heard about the cost of Essma Marjan to society we read that some £16 million per year is spent on keeping our ‘super-sized families’ in benefits and mansions.

Figures were banded about in the Express of a couple with 14 children having their £1,700 monthly rent paid by the taxpayer and another getting £50,000 a year in benefits.

But one thing to bear in mind, a lot of this may not , as some people think, be fiddling. No, the government have set the rules that means those that wish can keep procreating in order to automatically qualify for extra space and benefits whatever their contribution to society. In fact many now believe that their contribution is to provide more children.

This has now put pressures on some councils to find accommodation that fits the rules for these families. All because the system must react to families’ needs and the families do not need to react to council spending limits.

Then we read that there are possible plans afoot to relocate 15,000 civil servants out of the South East so as to save money. This will of course mean relocation costs and departmental upheaval. Some may say it is a good idea with jobs being ‘clustered’ to save money.

Well, why should people who contribute have to make the move to save money for the coffers when, for example, those with large families could be relocated to a place where there is suitable accommodation and work for them?

But of course that would not be PC. It would not be against a civil servant’s and their family’s human rights to be forced to move job and away from school and friends. But to make people who rely on the state in totality to make the change would somehow be a draconian police state measure.

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