You know it's coming, the last scene for David Tennant as The Doctor will be shown over the Christmas period with many a grown man preparing to cry his guts out.So what do we think of David Tennant as The Doctor?

Well he certainly had big boots to fill after Christopher Eccleston's Doctor Who, which many believe to be the greatest incarnation of the lunatic time lord.

From his first episode after regeneration it became clear that Tennant's Doctor would have a bite and a dark side that was only touched upon in previous Doctor Whos.

Not many even noticed that the Doctor had gone from a northerner in Eccleston's Doctor  to a cockney in Tennant's portrayal because there was some strange unspoken continuity between the personae  of both versions which is all down to David Tennant's ability as an actor.

But I would also add that to capture the unobservable, to create a bridge between two entirely different versions of one man is a work of genius so I would like to applaud David for that.

But who could forget the genuine on screen chemistry between Tennant and Billy Piper that had the tissues out on more than one occasion. Let's hope Matt Smith manages to capture some chemistry but that is an article for another day because we should all salute Mr Tennant for a job well done.

And yes 'we' the British viewers are very much looking forward to the new Doctor Who that has a fantastic actor in the wings ready to take the helm of the Tardis.

Anyway back to the plot.

Once again The Doctor will face his arch nemesis 'The Master' and do battle with him again. A bit of a shame really when you think about it. What with both of them being the last of the 'Time Lords' one would imagine they would give each other a big manly hug and put their differences aside.

Then they should  get ready for the next attack by the Cyber-Men and the Daleks then do some time lord wizardry and undo the time war that destroyed the rest of the time lords and their home planet of  Gallifrey or at least just share a fine bottle of wine or two together and talk about Time Lord type stuff.

But alas I think that is just wishful thinking on my part and the time space thingy will be at risk from some dastardly plot by the Master or someone he had a drink with on some planet in another dimension a long time ago etc.

Anyway the Davis family will be glued to the television on both Christmas day and New Year's Day for the two part finale with my wife and children there to give me moral support as I break down like a bubbling buffoon for the demise of this well loved Doctor.

So three cheers for David Tennant…..Hip Hip etc.

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