All eyes were on the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) at the  Absolute Return for Kids dinner held at Kensington Palace and her choice of dress.

Kate's dress was a £3,800 pink number but her shoes from LK Bennett were still bloody expensive a more modest offering, apparently retailing for around £175.

Kensington Palace is about to become the new residence for William and Kate so last night's event will probably be the first of many such parties to justify their existences.

The price ticket to wine and dine with those who are better than us the royal couple was £10,000 with no concessions for the elderly. William spoke to the demographically enviable audience about linking in the charity Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) and a new charity being set up between himself, Prince Harry and Kate.

But this morning the gutter media is not interested in the charity and the money raised during the event, this morning's editorial is dominated by the appearance of one woman.

Kate's overly thin frame was accentuated by the very thin dress, which I am sure will have the fashion world running around trying to emulate and assimilate for both the higher and lower ends of the high street.

The world's problems and interest in a most worthwhile endeavour were put on hold as the collective focus of mankind  rested for one  brief moment onto the shoulders of a young woman who unremarkably walked, shook hands and spoke to people.

However Kate made the choice to be cool and only spend £175 (a weeks wage after tax to many in this country) on a pair of shoes that will only be worn at maximum for about 4 hours…..after all we are all in this together.

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