Eastenders has repulsed the public with its insensitive, unrealistic and sensationalist cot death  storyline which has probably resulted in actress Samantha Womack,  who plays the key character in said storyline, leaving the soap but apparently there are other cast members who are also considering leaving the show.

The show has bowed down to public pressure in so much as they will be concluding the cot death storyline much sooner than has been expected. However there is doubt over whether or not the show will last until the storyline's proposed conclusion this Easter which is supposed to have a re-written warm and fluffier ending.

Bryan Kirkwood (former producer of half wit show for teens, Hollyoaks)  who is the shows executive producer is said to be annoyed at the re-write which cuts short a prolonged storyline reaching until the end of the year.

Many Eastenders cast members have watched the public turn on the show thanks to the way which cot death has been insensitively portrayed in the sensationalist storyline and watching Samantha Womack leave the show may be the last straw for many of them who are said to be worried about the credibility of the show and their own personal credibility by association.

Our source in the BBC has told us that there is much negotiation going on at present between cast members and producers in an attempt to avert a full scale walkout by the entire cast.

Soap operas have a history of showing traumatic scenes at the festive season in order to out do each other with viewing ratings but this time it may have gone too far.

Samantha Womack has been verbally assaulted on the street by members of the public who are unable to tell the difference between reality and fiction.

When you consider the nature of the reality portrayed on long running soap operas it is quite worrying the lengths the writers will go to in order to beat the opposing channels by acting as a mirror to only the most dark and depressing aspects of human existence and then embellishing them.

There are many who think that a gripping and tense television drama is allowed to cover anything it wants out of freedom of expression are indeed on shaky ground.

Political correctness allows the BBC to say anything which conflicts with sensitivity because of the aforementioned freedom of expression but political correctness has turned into anything goes.

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