The ECHR threat of pay-outs to prisoners without vote “an outrage to the very concept of civic rights” says UKIP leader Nigel Farage

The latest chapter in the ongoing battle between Westminster and the European Court of Human Rights over prisoner votes has seen MPs warned that the European Court of Human Rights could pay damages to prisoners who demand the vote.

The current blanket ban on prisoner votes is under threat from Human Rights laws in Strasbourg and MPs are having to discuss whether or not to implement the ECHR’s demands and give votes to those on short sentences or risk having to pay compensation claims. The draft bill is currently at Committee stage before being passed before Parliament later in the year.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has called the revelation ‘far from surprising’ but described the development as an ‘outrage to the very concept of civic rights

Let us first say that this is far from surprising. The threat that there would be compensation for prisoners not receiving the vote was always on the table. It’s a sad fact that the European Court of Human Rights stands above the highest court in the UK. The Government doesn’t have a leg to stand on unless we leave the Convention, which is now an impossibility unless we also leave the EU. UKIP have been trying to argue this point for years while the Government puts on a charade of talking tough while knowing full well that they are hamstrung.

Nigel Farage-4 © The Economic Voice

Nigel Farage-4 © The Economic Voice

Over and over again we see the European Court coming down in favour of things the British people simply do not agree with. It doesn’t mean as a country we oppose human rights, that is preposterous. We have always had the highest standards in the world and are committed to upholding them. But entitlement to vote is an honour and a civic duty for British citizens who live within the laws of the land they then wish to have a say on. Being hauled in front of a faceless, unaccountable foreign court and told that this set of values is wrong is an outrage to the very concept of civic rights.

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