In a recent poll of international traders over 30% said that they expected the world’s economy to meltdown within a year.

The survey carried out by Bloomberg, showed that two thirds of respondents think that the international economy is getting worse, whereas the last poll in May showed only 18% taking this line.

For Europe there was even worse news as almost 90% said that the Eurozone economy is worsening and many said that it would be the starting point of any problems.

The poll was taken on September 26th covering 1,031 Bloomberg subscribing investors, analysts and traders.

Even discounting the full meltdown scenario, 43% of those asked said they expect what they see as another economic recession within a year and over 70% say this will happen within five years.

As a result of this very gloomy prognosis with 56% saying that US equities are now in a bear market, these traders are shifting their attention more toward cash with over 40% saying they are increasing their holdings.

The least attractive place to do business right now as far as they are concerned, is unsurprisingly, Europe; with 53% of traders asked choosing it.

Although many respondents said that stocks will fall further they were still seen as the best asset to have over the coming 12 months.

Bloomberg also says that the usually optimistic Asian traders are now catching the pessimism bug. ‘Almost half see a global economic meltdown in the next year, compared with one-third of European and U.S. investors who believe that.

Fifty-five percent of respondents from Asia [1] are raising the amount of cash in their portfolios. ‘

Bonds are now being viewed more favourably and the dollar is being seen as the ‘pre-eminent’ currency for the time being.

Gold received mixed reviews, some are buying on the dips to prepare for the messy ending, whilst others (some 40%) see the gold price slipping in the future.

Some interesting reading that should start waking those people up who think that the politicians of the world can contain and control the markets. They can’t. All they can do is skew it until the inevitable happens and it looks like the inevitable is getting very near now.


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