Herman Van Rompuy is secretly attempting to gain control over the national budgets using the economic crisis as a vehicle to increase the EU's control over the affairs of council members.

The Independent has gained access to leaked documents that will make the Euro-sceptics across Europe sit up with their conspiracyometer bleeping and europhiles rejoicing at the  notion of greater control over the affairs of member states.

Citing the failings revealed by the economic crisis, Herman's vision for a coordinated European initiative with "a common European strategy for more growth and more jobs" controlled directly from Europe is echoed by many inside the EU parliament.

It seems as though the EU in its current format is incapable of acting effectively to take the necessary steps to resolve the economic problems the euro-zone is experiencing.

It also seems apparent that intervention or opposition to intervention by an individual member state with regards to another member state, i.e. Germany's toing and froing position on the recovery package for Greece, can stifle an EU wide solution/initiative to remedy the dire condition of the Greek economy.

The sort of proposal revealed in the leaked documents does suggest that the Greek predicament is not isolated and there could be future shocks for more than one of the other EU member states.

The letter also calls into question the sustainability of economic growth and jobs within individual member states who may cause more harm than good by acting out of sync with other member states and implementing economic policies not tied into a common economic policy.

As someone who is Libertarian minded I think that Herman Van Rompuy's  intentions are another example of the EU at its usual deviant and underhanded best.

Unification and removal of responsibility for us as citizens of Europe  may seem attractive and the thought of a governing friendly superstate is what the Europhiles are trying to sell us but the reality is our democratic process is being eroded right in front of our eyes.

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