• Labour have 35% of the vote vs. 31% for the Conservatives

• UKIP support stays the same at 19%

This week’s Opinium/Observer Political Poll shows Labour increasing their lead from one point to four:

Westminster - FreeFoto.com

Westminster – FreeFoto.com

• Labour support increases by 1 point to 35%

• Conservative support slips by 1 point to 31%

• UKIP support remains unchanged at 19%

• The Liberal Democrats drop a point to 6%

According to the research, economic optimism has increased quite considerably since January. When asked whether the current state of the economy is good or bad, 28% of voters said good, and while more people (35%) maintain it’s still bad, it continues the trend of increasing confidence:

Opinium Observer 07-06-14

Adam Drummond, Opinium research says:

“Voters may be starting to feel the effects of the recovery with the percentage saying the state of the economy is good or very good rising to the highest for many years while the percentage saying it is bad is barely half of what it was a year ago. However, this may not translate into votes the way that David Cameron would like: the change in Labour’s poll lead (down from 12 points in February 2013 to 4 points now) has mainly been caused by Labour dropping rather than the Conservatives improving.”

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