The Green Party is to co-host a discussion with Daniel Ortega, Ecuador’s Head of Climate Change at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, on 10 August at the Consulate of Ecuador in London.

Shahrar Ali, Green Party spokesperson on International Affairs and chair of the event, said “The Green Party is delighted to be co-hosting this important discussion on climate change with Mr Ortega. Climate change currently poses the greatest threat to civilization. We need to move further and faster, in western Europe, and the initiatives of Ecuador can serve as an inspiration to us all. Instead of looking to reduce our carbon emissions this Government chooses to invest in environmentally damaging activities such as fracking, a process which will set back carbon emission reduction even further.”

In recent years, Ecuador has initiated a number of ground-breaking international proposals on climate change under the stewardship of the innovative Ortega. For example, the Yasuni-ITT Initiative proposes keeping the oil underground to preserve one of the most biodiverse areas on Earth, to protect indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation, and to fight climate change by avoiding millions of tons of carbon dioxide that would be generated from exploiting oil.

Green Party LogoAt the discussion Mr Ortega will address important matters of climate change including how civil society and progressive governments can work together to achieve the best outcomes in the forthcoming COP talks in Poland and in Latin America in 2014.

Ortega will highlight Ecuador’s on-going international proposals to tackle climate change including the Net Avoided Emissions proposal and Daly-Correa carbon tax initiative.

The event takes place at the Consulate of Ecuador on Saturday 10 August 2013, 12.00-2.00pm (also national Independence day for Ecuador). The address of the Consulate is 58-59 Trafalgar Square, Uganda House, 1st Floor.

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