Ed Miliband has said that millionaires should be allowed to claim child benefit. This announcement is the final nail in the coffin of socialist principles in the Labour party proving New Labour is very much alive and intends to focus its position on the middle ground of politics.

Who would have guessed that in a time when the Labour party are keen to point out that the poor will be hit hardest by cuts in government spending, the Labour leader chooses to stand behind those who need help the least.

Ed is keen to point out that millionaires only account for a small proportion of the population and that the principle of 'universal benefits' is to be preserved no matter what the cost yet wilfully ignoring the principle that those who can afford to forego such benefits do not need to them.

Is Ed looking for backing for his party from the rich and about to announce concessions to the rich and middle classes as way of grooming them for the next election?

The Conservative contingency in the coalition  are probably about to give some taxation recompense to married couples so is Labour's new angle to adopt a more 'universal' approach to taxation and state credits and leave the working class representation to smaller off shoots of the Labour party?

Maybe 'Red Ed' should be called 'Red Herring'.

The socialist old guard are probably wondering at what point do they leave the Labour party and put their weight behind a true socialist party. Big state does not necessarily mean fairness it just means that the constructs of the state will be more rigid and invasive.

It has become more than apparent that the middle ground of politics is the place where you hope to catch the voters at maximum as they swim between points of policy yet hold no difference ideologically.

If someone could please point out the ideological differences between today's main three political parties then I am all ears.

The polarisation of ideology is history in mainstream British politics leaving a few far left and far right parties facing ridicule from the main three parties  herculean spin machines unified against the outside threats of the BNP or the Communist party.

Higher taxation from the Conservatives and support for the rich from Labour.

Who would have thought it?

It could be time we started thinking outside the box of left/right/centre polarised politics and focus on policy that reflects the people of Britain and not enforced ideology because most people are not aware of how these ideologies manifest themselves in policy.

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