When you think of Ed Miliband what springs to mind? Courage, loyalty, convincing, strong leadership, vision and charisma.

I think not.

The Polls may show a leap by Labour overtaking the Conservatives but this is purely down to stability in the party and not because Ed is the type of man the country would choose to lead it.

We should forget the fact that he is Wallace's double (From Wallace and Gromit) because that would be a little unfair to judge a man by his geekish demeanour.

Let's take a look at his first speech as party leader to conference.ed-miliband-and-wallace

Unless I missed something the thrust of his opening speech was to support the coalition on its tackling of debt, trash a government that he was a part of, attempt to put the Unions (Who helped him into his position of party leader) into their place with the authority of an Adrian Mole and Neil Kinnock hybrid and admit that the Iraq War was wrong.

So 'Red Ed' has not exactly polarised himself with the left or right elements of the Labour party even though he was perceived as left wing candidate for party leader.

Hardly unifying the party he will leave everyone wondering where this man's allegiances lay.

But this was nothing in comparison with Ed's rabble rousing warning to David Cameron and the coalition, which must have had the entire government incapacitated with laughter for at least an hour after his awkward  speech.

The Labour Party must have asked itself why on earth did they vote for this man.

At a time when the country needs strong opposition (thanks to the debt burden the last administration left us with) the Labour Party's new leader is left wanting.

It gets better.

Elder brother David seems less than convincing in his support for his younger sibling who beat him to the top job within the Labour Party.

It looks like David Miliband is not forthcoming with his backing of Ed and that can only mean one of two things.

Either Ed is not up to the job or David is feeling a little miffed at losing the leadership contest and has decided to throw his toys out of the pram.

However one would think that even with sour grapes between the brothers David could at least support his younger brother for the sake of his party unless of course we go back to point 1 which is……Ed really is not up to the position of power that he now finds himself in and David believes that aligning himself with Ed could be damaging to himself.

Prime Minister's questions should prove to be very entertaining, unless of course you happen to be sitting on the Labour benches watching your party leader battle with a pro like Cameron at PMQs.

It could even lead to an EU ruling banning  PMQs because of the cruel nature in which a defenceless creature (Ed Miliband) will be cornered with the verbal onslaught of a Prime Minister who has honed his skills over the years wiping the floor with far more studious men than Ed Miliband.

All in all a great week for Tory HQ.

When bad news comes up simply deflect the blow by reminding the public of the alternative to the current administration.

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