The Labour leader Ed Miliband has agreed with the government's position on yesterday's strikes by doing a U-turn on his own position regarding the strike action.

An interview with the BBC has led to Ed Miliband being renamed as 'Sound-bite Ed' (I think he would prefer the old 'Red Ed' nickname over the new one).

In the interview Ed agreed with the government in saying the strikes were 'wrong' (prepare to hear that phrase a lot in the video below) and Ed specified the reason for the strikes as being wrong citing ongoing negotiations with the government. He also said that the Government acted in a reckless and provocative manner (many, many times in a few short minutes).

But by reinforcing his opposition to the strikes, the interpretation of  his argument stopped short of saying "I totally agree with the government on this matter".

And Speaking at the Local Government Association (LGA) annual conference in Birmingham Ed said "the anger of workers who feel they are being singled out by a reckless and provocative government. I also believe this action is wrong. Negotiations are ongoing, so it is a mistake to go on strike because of the effect on the people who rely upon those services. And it is a mistake because it will not help to win the argument."

It was just a few months ago that Ed Miliband stood up and supported the 'Stop The Cuts" protests in London making him the darling of the working man who has been desperate for a political party to stand up against the impending draconian "Cuts" facing the public sector via coalition debt reducing policies.

As a result of his change in tone, Ed Miliband has been branded a turncoat and a traitor by long-standing Labour supporters who are looking to leave the party in total disillusionment with a common sense of feeling betrayed.

The on-line backlash being expressed by these Labour supporters will probably show up in the opinion polls and union support and funding for Labour very shortly

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