Edinburgh is the self-declared ‘thrifty DIY’ capital of the Britain, according to new research by a leading home insurer, Zurich – with 87% saying the reason for attempting DIY is to save money.

However, the survey of 2,000 British homeowners found that even though these frugal DIY-ers tackle jobs for the right reasons, it could be a false economy. Almost a third (31%) admit to ‘DIY fails’ – home improvements gone wrong – which are costing residents an estimated £12million every year.

The most commonly bodged jobs in Edinburgh include putting up wonky shelves (13%), failing to fix leaking taps (9%) and bad paint jobs on walls (9%).  And it’s not just in the pocket where people from Edinburgh are being hit by a #DIYfail.

A quarter admitted to injuring themselves while undertaking DIY.  The most common injuries are hitting oneself with a hammer (69%), cuts to hand and fingers and falling off ladders (both 46%).

Phil Ost, home insurance expert at Zurich said:

“If you’re taking on DIY home improvements, get professional advice first. Aside from the cost, there is also the disruption and potential injury a home-improvement-disaster can cause. Seemingly simple jobs can cause chaos when they go wrong; just hammering a nail into a wall can bring down plaster, or much worse if there is a water pipe or electricity cable behind it.”

Edinburgh’s top five bodged DIY jobs:

1) Wonky shelves

2) Fixing leaking taps

3) Badly painted walls

4) Hammering in nails

5) Installing a shower or bath

Britain’s 10 thriftiest DIY cities:

DIY Tools (PD)1) Edinburgh

2) Southampton

3) Leeds

4) Cambridge

5) Belfast

6) Newcastle

7) Plymouth

8) Glasgow

9) Bristol

10) London

Zurich research also found Brits are putting up with:

1) Leaky taps – producing enough water to fill 3,222 Olympic sized swimming pools a day 4

2) Wonky shelves – enough to go round the M25 1.7 times 5

3) General maintenance jobs – patched up with enough tape to stretch from London to Delhi 6

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