Elaine's outburst is a little insensitive but cuts to the heart of the matter, which is reality television makes stars out of people whose level of fame is disproportionate to their talent.

Susan Boyle has been a huge fan of Elaine Paige most of her life and these comments must come as a blow to the allegedly already fragile mental state of Miss Boyle.

But what Elaine said at the 'South Bank Awards' is only what all true artists are thinking.

Those who have had to work for their art most of their adult lives and taken the time to understand the dynamics of the stage and performance are bound to feel a little miffed if someone leapfrogs over their heads just because their voice is pretty good.

It's like a house built on sand.

One comment that Elaine made really stands out and that is " She is a girl with no experience of theatrics, the music business, or art in any way" and she has no "Pride" for what she has achieved.

Many of Susan's fans will be frothing at the mouth at this comment but it is true and it is the same for nearly every star made by one of these Simon Cowell reality talent/singing shows which are little more than tripe glorified karaoke competitions or freak shows.

The quick fix fame brought to Susan Boyle must have been a very traumatic experience and Elaine herself says that she admires the way that Susan Boyle dealt with that thrust into the limelight.

Elaine Paige had 15 years of experience before fame hit her with Evita, so Susan's handling of fame has been commendable in the eyes of Elaine. As well as anyone else whose heart has not been turned to stone by the infestation of reality television numbing us into brain dead thickos like in the film 'Idiocracy' that satirises the implications of the dumbing down of society.

Susan Boyle must be viewed for that which she is.

She has a good voice and has been the epitome of the the underdog having her day and it is a moving story. But is she one of the great artists of her time?

No she is not.

I enjoyed her album and it has sold unbelievably well, but it is not original and moving the arts forward in any shape or form. And this is the case for all reality television stars who are void of the artistic background that makes them yearn to create and not emulate or translate other people's hard work.

Simon Cable from The Mail covered this really well so it's worth reading his original story from which this article is sourced.

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