Some people say she was the most beautiful screen actress of all time whilst other critics of the star would be less complimentary about her but one thing is for sure Elizabeth Taylor has heard more wedding bells than your average bell ringer.

If reports are to be believed, at 78 years of age Elisabeth Taylor is about to tie the knot with a gentleman who is roughly 30 years her junior.

49 year old Jason Winters, who is a Talent agent in Los Angeles, may be about to become husband number nine in a long succession of husbands which includes the famous Welsh iconic film actor Richard Burton.

The couple, who met through mutual friend Michael Jackson, were initially perceived by speculators as friends and not lovers. They have just been seen to attended public events together, but all that has changed since last year when Dame Elizabeth broke the news of their romantic involvement together.

Dame Elizabeth said he is "One of the most wonderful men I've ever known, that's why I love him".

Friends of the couple have said they are very much in love so it would come as no surprise to find out they are engaged.

Elizabeth's agent Dick Guttman neither confirmed or denied the possibility of marriage but did confirm that the couple "have been together for some time".

I am the most cynical man in the world but I do wish the happy couple all the very best.

Ninth time lucky Liz.

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