Yesterday Elizabeth Wilmshurst had centre stage at the Chilcot Enquiry, Sir Michael Wood did not. Ms Wilmshurst resigned on a point of principle that the Government that she served was about to commit a crime and this was the only thing she could do to highlight the fact and to live with her conscience. For Sir Michael the big ‘K’ beckoned and that was slightly more important.

Sometimes women have far more backbone than men.

However, to be fair on men, the following for all their personal faults stood up to the mark when the time came.

Robin Cook

John Denham

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath.

I compare the performances of Geoff Hoon, former Minister of Defence, and Jack Straw, former Foreign Secretary, at the time with Ms Wilmshurst. All three are Lawyers. Two appear to have very little understanding of the clarity of International Law.

‘Under customary international Law, the planning or waging of a war of aggression constitutes an international crime’

The invasion of Iraq was not sanctioned by a United Nations Resolution, nor was it an act of self defence.

Men went to the gallows in 1947 after the Nuremburg trials for planning and waging an aggressive war, please read the charge sheet it is available on line. By bitter irony ‘Chemical Ali’ went to the gallows a few days ago. Did this country go to war for regime change to install a Government in Iraq that executes people by breaking their necks with a rope?

It is clear that, amongst Governments, the Rule of Law only applies to the ruled but not to the rulers. Accountability at the end of a rope only happens if you are defeated in war. The victor goes free to die in his bed whatever his crimes. ‘To the victor the spoils’. Stalin achieved this. I do not compare Blair to Stalin as Blair is just a vain whelp in comparison to Stalin.

As a Libertarian, I value the Rule of Law. It must apply to everybody. Equally as a Libertarian, the defence of these Isles is the only legitimate reason for Government. That means DEFENCE, not invading other sovereign states at the behest of other sovereign states. In that Defence you give every citizen the very best capability to defend their homes, towns and cities.

Another Lawyer with a ‘title’ goes to Chilcot to explain himself soon. Ms Wilmshurst appears to offer the defence that Goldsmith was bounced into changing his legal opinion days before the invasion was launched and that he had no option, to do otherwise would have given Iraq an advantage. Sorry, Elizabeth, that will not wash. Goldsmith could have threatened to resign a lot earlier as did others and as you did yourself.

On Friday another low grade lawyer takes the stand, one Anthony Blair. A low grade lawyer is one who knows the law, understands the reasoning behind it, but does their level best to circumvent both the letter and the meaning of the law.

With so many lawyers involved in the decision making process, the illegal course was taken. This brings this Country, our country, its Laws and Moral standing into disrepute.

Only one lawyer, Elizabeth Wilmshurst, did the honourable thing and gives us hope that she will represent a better future once this ‘Rotten Parliament’ is consigned to the dustbin of history.

In Harriet Harman’s ‘Court of Public Opinion’, the members of the public present gave Ms Wilmshurst a round of applause after the cameras were switched off. An applause that rang round the Nation that we did not get to hear.

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