The great Christian theologian, Sir Elton John has just informed the public that the son of God is gay.

Where are the blasphemy laws when you need them?

If Sir Elton John made the same comments about the Muslim prophet Muhammad he would be arrested and the magazine headquarters shut down because of some law relating to racial and religious insensitivity.

Yet Sir Elton is allowed to blaspheme openly in public on the sexuality of Christ and openly demonstrates the contempt the man obviously has for the Christian faith by publicising an offensive comment that he knows only too well will offend Christians.

But this is politically correct Britain, which will exclude Christian sensitivities from its correctness so Sir Elton is free to offend at will.

Now if I were to speculate for instance on whether Sir Elton John's sexuality is the result of demonic influence (which is not what I am saying) I could find myself in big trouble even if it were pure speculation.

The divine nature of Christ is sacred to Christians as is the nature of homosexuality to homosexuals who believe that they are born gay.

So why is it that a gay man is allowed to speak out in a way that defiles the nature of Christ when a Christian man is not allowed to speak out in a way that defiles the nature of a gay man?

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