With all that is going on around the world it is really uplifting to come across such a fantastic good news story such as Emmanuel Kelly and X Factor.

Now, I am not a great fan of X Factor, so this completely passed me by until the video below was passed on to me with the instruction that I had to watch it. Normally it would take two teams of wild horses!

After a fairly innocuous and predictable start, onto the set walked Emmanuel Kelly and the whole stage was effectively turned upside down.

The message here is absolutely that love and kindness can win through and should win through in the end.

Even if you detest these type of shows, I ask you please just watch this one video and open your heart. This would be my choice for this year’s Christmas number one!

This guy, his family and especially his mother are a real example to us all. What a role model we have in Emmanuel Kelly. Someone who fights adversity with courage and belief in himself.

He did make it to the final 12 but ten made it no further, come on you recording labels, get weaving and get him signed up.

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