The work and pensions secretary and MP for Chingford and Woodford Green, Iain Duncan Smith, is expected to urge British businesses to employ more British youths ahead of immigrants in a speech in Spain.

Mr Duncan Smith is expected to say that immigration policy is undermining the coalition government’s efforts to get millions of claimants off of benefits.

But the director of the British Chamber of Commerce David Frost, puts the blame at the door of the inability of British youth to read, write and communicate. Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme Mr Frost said that eastern European migrants were more able to do these jobs and that was why businesses employed them.

It is thought that Mr Duncan Smith will say in his speech that only immigrants with ‘something to offer’ should be allowed into the UK and that tighter border and immigration controls are needed or we risk ‘losing another generation to dependency and hopelessness’.

He will then add that more than half the rise in employment in the past year was accounted for by foreign nationals.

But before we all get into a lather over this we need to understands that IDS has not made any distinction between workers coming in from abroad from within the EU and those coming in from outside the EU. He just refers to foreign nationals. Also note the comments from Mr Frost above as he refers to ‘eastern European immigrants’.

Those coming from within the EU and soon to be expanded EU have the right to re-settle here, just as we have the right to retire to sunnier climes and take our money with us. The only foreign workers numbers we can control are those coming in from outside the EU, unless they are proper asylum seekers of course in which case we will accept them.

The upshot is that, apart from grandstanding speeches, there’s little we can do. Apart that is from redefining our relationship with the EU monolith so that we can take back control of our country and its borders of course! But that is unthinkable isn’t it?

The other thing to consider is that, as we herd more of the ‘best in the world’ into our country and denude other countries of professionals such as the doctors and nurses they have trained, everyone else in the UK gets pushed down the chain just a little bit. So is it any surprise that more indigenous people end up at the bottom?

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