After all the hype and hope that England may secure the 2018 football world cup, we find that the Russians have gone home with the spoils.

But unusually for the English, instead of maintaining the stiff upper lip, toys are emanating from the pram at a furiously sustained rate. Or is that we really are just whinging poms?

What we have witnessed though is nothing other than the machinations of any decision making body writ large.

With bids of this type at every level there are obviously winners and losers. What the losers have to recognise is that they did not properly understand what the decision making body was looking for. What we the bidder deem to be important may be of no concern to them at all, whatever the preamble may say.

In this case FIFA have the whole world stage to consider as well as how to continue the expansion of the game across the world stage. Football may dominate sport in some countries but there are many places where it is still a very minor pastime (the USA for example).

The England bidding team as well as many in the country are now feeling what many bidders have felt before – robbed after all their hard work. But that does not make the decision wrong. How many bidders for local and central government contracts feel the same way?

Many have said that it is the media's fault, Panorama and the Times splurging allegations of FIFA corruption across the airwaves and their pages. 'They should have waited until afterwards' comes the cry. So then if we'd won  under those circumstances the corruption would be all right then would it?

We have a lot more to worry about in the world than this. What with North / South Korea and financial meltdown. But we still send the PM and royalty abroad in search of distraction. At the end of the day this is a possibly dodgy decision about some football matches. Just shows how right Caesar was in giving the circuses of the arena to the people to stop them thinking about the important things in life.

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