The Investment Management Association published its monthly authorised investment fund statistics yesterday. The main points are:

▪ Equity continued as the best-selling asset class for the fifth successive month, with net retail sales of over £1 billion

▪ Net retail sales remained strong at £1.8 billion

▪ Funds under management stood at £732 billion

▪ Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares remained the best-selling sector

Daniel Godfrey, IMA Chief Executive, said:

“Investor confidence was demonstrated by another strong month for fund sales – net retail sales of £1.8 billion in August were a little lower than July but well above the 12 month rolling average. 

“Equity funds were again favoured by retail investors – it’s been the best-selling asset class for five months in a row. Mixed asset, property and targeted absolute return funds also did well in August.”

Commenting on the figures, Jason Chapman, Managing Director at Willis Owen, said:

The summer months are often a quieter time for retail investors, so it says a lot about the sentiment in the market that retail sales in August were comfortably higher than the average for the last 12 months. At Willis Owen we’ve also seen an uptick in sales so far this year, a sure sign that a growing number of investors feel confident enough to put their money into the markets.

The ongoing rally in equities is another sign of prevailing consumer confidence, as returns from these assets can be prone to market sentiment and the economy. The events of the last week in the USA, and the likely effect they will have on stock market values, will be a good litmus test for just how much faith investors have in equities as we head into autumn.”

 Willis Owen’s top five sectors for August 2013

UK Equity Income

Global Equity Income

£ Corporate Bond

£ Strategic Bond

UK All Companies

 Willis Owen’s top five funds for 2013

Invesco Perpetual High Income Fund

Invesco Perpetual Income Fund

Newton Global Higher Income R Fund

Fidelity Moneybuilder Income A Fund

Jupiter Merlin Growth Portfolio


The City -

The City –

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