eToro adds 30 Exchange-Traded Funds and over 70 listed stocks to its social investment platform

● Trade in over 350 global markets including currencies, commodities, indices and CFD stocks

● Join over five million people in the social trading revolution

eToro, the world’s leading social investment network, is pleased to announce the addition of 30 Exchange-Traded Funds and over 70 listed stocks on the Borsa Italiana and Bolsa de Madrid on its social trading platform. Since launching in 2007, the platform has grown its membership to over five million people in 140 countries. With the addition of ETFs, traders can now invest with even greater flexibility and transparency to build a portfolio of diversified investments.

At the same time, investors can benefit from the active discussions and knowledge-exchange taking place between members in real-time on the platform before copying a trader or making a trade themselves.

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We launched eToro with one simple and clear vision – to revolutionise the financial system and blow open financial markets to millions of new traders around the world,” said Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro. “Making lower-risk ETFs as well as stocks from the Milan and Madrid stock exchanges easily accessible wherever you are is just one demonstration of our vision. We want to provide people with a huge range of popular products while allowing more experienced investors to build a balanced portfolio.

Social trading enables people to make smarter investment decisions and is the new way to invest. By connecting traders from all over the world on one platform and sharing their views and trades in real-time, people can use that information to make more informed social trading decisions. Research conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology1 found that social investors who “copy” a range of users outperform individual traders2.

Here are three reasons why social trading is the way to invest in 2016:

1. Harness the wisdom of the crowds – Social trading opens up previously closed financial markets to everyone and allows people with less experience with stocks, shares, ETFs and commodities to see what experienced investors are doing. By harnessing the wisdom of the crowd, people can benefit from accelerated information exchange, knowledge sharing and the ability to quickly identify the investment opportunities that best suits their trading style and strategy.

2. Make better returns – Social trading is a simple and enjoyable way for people to invest their money. eToro data shows that out of the 124 million copied trades made on the platform, 80% close in profit.

3. Build a portfolio that suits you – As well as making copy trades, people can also make their own trades and build a diversified portfolio of passion brands, interested currencies and low-risk ETFs. ETFs provide a cost-effective and flexible way to track certain stock markets and indices and they have a place for the most sensible investor’s portfolio.

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