In 2 months last year European Commissioners, the unelected elite that drive forward the EU's political agenda, spent between them over EUR 500,000, says the UK Independence Party.

EU transparency organisation Access-!nfo has fought for the release of details of EU expenses against classic bureaucratic stonewalling and but they have succeeded in getting some limited release.

Nigel Farage, the leader of the UKIP group in the European Parliament said on the revelation that Commission President Juncker had spent EUR 27,000 alone in those two months:

"Outrageous! Juncker spending 27 thousand euro on a private jet at taxpayers' expense is clearly over the top especially when many normal flights are available. I suppose these junket expenses are all part of the make-believe 'Brexit bill' which these Commissioners have plucked out of thin air and trying to extort from our government."

Nigel Farage 2

Jonathan Arnott, UKIP MEP, also commented:

"Of course EU Commissioners need to travel; many of us wish they'd travel somewhere far away – and stay there.  But how many of these missions are truly needed in the first place? Chartering planes and authorising what presumably adds up to millions of euros of our taxes a year in travel is another indication of how the Commission is acting like a government, not a 'civil service' as apologist Remainers like to claim."

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"It is imperative that the EU now comes fully clean on its travel expenses, the excuse that it costs too much to check just isn't good enough. This is European taxpayer's money, and the taxpayer has the right to know what is being done with it."

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