Just when workers across the EU are losing their jobs, having their pay frozen or maybe even taking a pay cut just to keep their jobs, the EU Bureaucrats are to receive a nice little pay rise of 3.7% next year. The new President of the EU Council, the Belgium Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy, is expecting a cool £320,000 a year salary as it is. This pay deal could add as much as £40m to the £1bn European Commission wage bill. The average inflation across the EU now stands at 0.5%.Van Rompuy has also indicated at the secretive Bildeberg meeting that he attended, that he is in favour of pushing to raise taxes at an EU level. These extra taxes would be applied to financial transactions and would provide funds directly to Brussels for a new EU wide welfare state system. This will place a further burden on the hard-pressed taxpayer.

Herman Van Rompuy is meant to be a good negotiator, well he’d better start negotiating with the people who pay his bills, the EU taxpayer. A good first move would be to get everyone on the payroll to agree to a pay freeze. That would put out a good message to the rest of us. Then maybe push for an efficiency drive instead of pore taxes, that would free up a lot of money.

Under the EU pay formula pay can go down as well as up, but it is also tied to the salaries of national civil servants in its member states. It would be interesting to see the method by which these pay rises were decided and which salaries they used from which member states to justify this indefensible example of troughing.

If implemented this pay rise will alienate the EU from a great many people. But as the Lisbon Treaty has been fully ratified one assumes they now feel they can do as they please.

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