Daily Brexit Update: 24th July 2018

EU diplomats have told the UK Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, that hard won trust will be lost if we try to link the £39 billion so-called Brexit divorce bill to a trade deal.

As far as the EU is concerned this money is just a settling of accounts, well this is one area in which the UK must play hardball.

And while Theresa May claims she is preparing for a no-deal Brexit, it turns out that she was the one blocking the making of such plans while David Davis was Brexit Secretary, according to Stewart Jackson who was an adviser to Davis.

And the PM has also been accused of giving the EU the ability to decide how and when that 'Brexit Divorce Bill' is paid. The Withdrawal Agreement and Implementation Bill to be published today will include the statement that the EU will inform the UK of the required payments during the transition phase.

As a result the PM is taking a bit of a personal popularity his (video):

It is also worth noting that, as predicted, the anti-Brexit fear mongering is being ramped up significantly, with Polly Toynbee getting the brickbat out.

But at least there are those out there who will bring us all down to sensible earth again (thanks Kate Hoey):

With others ready to point out that there is no such thing as a no deal Brexit (unless the UK has total world-wide sanctions placed on it of course). WTO rules is a trade deal! And some are seeing a no deal Brexit coming over the horizon!

And IDS tells us what he thinks:

And finally, we (The Economic Voice) get a mention on a Channel 4 documentary about Arron Banks and his diamond mine in Lesotho (video):

And this is the response from Arron Banks:

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