Daily Brexit Update: Friday 14th September 2018

(Next update will be Monday 17th September 2018)

As the Brexit negotiations move from one hold up to another, the EU and its member states are now looking at the prospect of a no-deal withdrawal of the UK from the EU. With talk of the so-called Brexit Divorce bill of £39 billion only being payable when a deal is done, they are now twitching at the thought of using their own dosh to bridge the gap.

So now the talk is that even if there is no deal the UK will have to stump up the money, with The Times reporting that it would have to be paid in order to compensate for the worst effects on the EU of a no-deal Brexit.

While the governor of the Bank of England spreads thick the carpet of doom and gloom about the land with a forecast of a 35% drop in house prices due to Brexit, not only do ministers take him to task for it but the Bank of England then improves its own economic forecast for the future of the UK! You do have to ask which inmate is running this asylum don't you?

And now we have the House of Lords planning to put amendments to the Trade Bill to try and scupper Brexit. These amendments could include having another go at keeping the UK in a customs union with the EU as well as imposing the freedom of movement of EU workers into the the UK.

And while the Remain campaign claims that Brexit Britain will flounder, we have news of more pharmaceutical investment in the UK to come. "Drug companies are preparing to make hundreds of millions of pounds of new investment commitments in the U.K. as part of a government effort to boost the life-sciences sector after Brexit, according to the architect of the strategy." Reports Bloomberg.

Tory Brexiteer MP Priti Patell has a go at her boss:

On freedom of expression, UKIP leader Gerard Batten speaks out in defence of it by saying that it was wrong of Twitter to shut down one of UKIP's competitors:

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