If recent reports are to be believed, then the EU looks to be getting more and more alarmed at the prospect of a no deal Brexit.


According to a report from The Times, five EU members states have been secretly talking with the Boris Johnson team to try and prevent what they see as a no deal disaster.

According to the report, senior politicians from the Irish Republic have had talks with two of the Boris team, while the German, French, Dutch and Belgian governments have also indicated the willingness to come to some sort of arrangement.

On top of this, the Express says that Brussels is preparing a multi billion euro package of aid for the Republic of Ireland in the event of a no deal Brexit.

Now, it seems from The Times, that the Irish Republic's deputy PM and foreign minister, Simon Coveney, wants to compromise.

But this compromise does not include reopening the Withdrawal Agreement, so the Irish border backstop would not be up for renegotiation.

So what are we compromising here? Unless it is the UK that is expected to 'compromise'?

But he did tell Andrew Marr:

"If the approach of the new British Prime Minister is that they’re going to tear up the withdrawal agreement, then I think we’re in trouble, we’re all in trouble, quite frankly."

And that's the power of the default position of a no deal Brexit in operation.

The piece in the Times makes it quite clear that those supporting Boris Johnson are apparently already taking the bull by the horns.

It says that last week the Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox told his opposite number in the Irish government, Seamus Woulfe as well as the Irish ambassador Adrian O'Neill, that either the EU gives ground or we're off on WTO terms.

James Brokenshire has also talked with Irish politicians while Andrea Leadsom had talks with ambassadors from Belgium and Holland.

And the Express quotes an unnamed EU diplomat as saying:

"This is not simply a business deal that can be unpicked because a new chief executive comes in.

"If Europe is seen to give in on this then what message does it send to Trump on trade? What message does it send to Putin on security? For the EU’s own preservation, no deal is preferable than being seen to back down."

Now, does that constitute a threat from Eurocrats of a no deal exit for us from the EU? So they can look tough on the world stage?

Overall, this points to some angst amongst the EU27 that, despite the antics of the Remainers in our parliament and in their aid to the EU in general, the UK is still set for a no deal Brexit.

And that alarms them because of the economic damage it would do, to many of the EU27 countries.

So it would appear that the Boris Johnson steadfast strategy of relying on the no deal Brexit fallback is beginning to bear fruit.

And this will fill the Remainers with absolute horror! Because they want the UK to be the one begging, not the EU!

They will be petrified that they haven't sent a clear enough signal to the Republic of Ireland and the EU27 as a whole, that they are able to keep the UK in the EU after the 31st of October.

So they'll probably open a whole new box of Project Fear and ramp up their plot to take down Boris with a vote of no confidence and replace his government with a so-called centre ground government of national unity based around someone like Yvette Cooper or Hilary Benn, so forcing a second referendum without the need for a general election.

The Remain plotting never ceases, does it?





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