In a controversial move the European Union has decided to exclude Christmas, Easter and other Christian feasts/festivals from a diary sent to schools across the UK in in favour of keeping dates for Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Jewish festivals.

The well known (cough!) Europe Day on May 9th is also included in the diary yet Lent, Palm Sunday and Ash Wednesday are missing.

EU bureaucrats have described the snub at Christianity as "A rather gross error" but many church leaders and Christians across Europe are not convinced with the disingenuous EU response.

John Dalli, who is the consumer commissioner, has apologised and said "We regret this".

Yet again we have a prime example of why the EU cannot and must not have any further say in the lives of British people who have had their democratic rights removed from them by being subjected to EU law, which no-one in Britain has yet had a vote on.

Over 75% of British laws (and laws in all EU member states) are passed in Brussels and this diary is just a symbol of the disdain show towards Christians in the EU.

I cannot see how such an "error" could be made without it being deliberate when you consider the diary, which costs the tax payer £4.4 million, includes information on climate change, mobile phone costs and internet dangers.

The diary is clearly comprehensive and reveals the EU's intentions towards Christians. German Conservative  MEP delegate Martin Kastler summed up the situation when he described the events surrounding the diary as being part of  "aggressive atheism in the apparatus of the European Union-Commission" which he says is "unbearable".

Martin Kastler went on to say "It is impudent to say that it was merely a mistake, however big. I demand that the responsible officials be called to account immediately.  I expect a personal apology from the Commission president because I believe this was intentionally published in this way".

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